We have made several integrations of Coppermine and Mambo using the Bridge Manager of Coppermine, but the results were not really satisfactory, since there were cases when the integration just crashed the Gallery.

So, we now offer an ever better option – Integrating Coppermine with SMF and Mambo / Joomla. In this way you will have one of the most powerful CMS, one of the most popular discussion boards and one of the best picture galleries all working together, sharing one username and database, so you don’t have to log into each application one by one!

Step 1 Integrating Coppermine with SMF

You can download SMF here.

Step 2 Integrating SMF with Mambo/Joomla

For this purpose you are going to need a SMF-Mambo/Joomla component which you can download here.

Then you can follow the detailed instructions about the Joomla-SMF integration here . The Mambo-SMF integration can be completed in the exact same way as the above one.

The SMF bridge Component automatically adds a Forum link on your frontpage, so we can add a Gallery link as well. Log in as administrator on your Mambo/Joomla, click on Menu -> mainmenu.

Once inside the mainmenu, please select New – Wrapper and click Next. Select a name for the link (e.g. Gallery) and input the URL that has to be wrapped by Mambo/Joomla. When you are done click Save. Now you have a link for your Forum and your Gallery on your Mambo/Joomla’s frontpage.

You can check the FastWebHost Mambo and Joomla tutorials for further reference.