The Nuke Evolution key features are as follows:

  • WYSIWYG class – the feature allows different WYSIWYG editors to be used with the script. The supported options are bbcode, FCK WYSIWYG, tinyMCE WYSIWYG and Spaw WYSIWYG.
  • Cache functionality – this feature allows the web site to be cached. In this way the same queries will not be executed every time the web site is opened. The cached results will be displayed. This will decrease the load generated by the web site. The Cache functionality can be managed from the admin area.
  • Theme Management allowing admin to manage site’s themes – different themes can be installed, managed, enabled, disabled and assigned to different users groups.
  • Auto Optimize – an automatic function optimizes the script database once a week. In this way the web site will work faster and more stable.
  • Massive query improvements bringing queries down to about 35 queries per page – the Nuke Evolution script works faster compared to other Php-Nuke distributions since many functions were rewritten and optimized. This has decreased the number of the executed queries.