Search engines like Google and Yahoo offer you the option to pay for having your ad appear in sponsored search results section via pay-per-click advertising. The principle is – the more you pay for each click, the higher on the list of ads you get. Unlike with the free search results where you have no control over your rankings, it is entirely up to you how much you wish to pay to have a position in the results list.

Target better your audience through specific keywordsdivider

With the paid programs, you choose important keywords, related both to the search of your targeted visitors and to the content of your website, and bid on those words. This allows you to advertise your site specifically to your targeted visitors and thus have a high return on your advertising costs.

Have your site indexed faster for free search resultsdivider

If your site is quite recent and you have submitted it to the search engines, but they wouldn’t index it just yet, you may take advantage of the paid programs to have them crawl your site faster. The success of these paid advertising programs largely depends on the budget you wish to spend. The good news is that money makes itall – you can buy great exposure and lots of clicks without doing anything else. However, it is important how successful your ads are as the more successful they are, the lower the cost per click will be for you. This means that you should consider optimizing the content of your website so it is relevant to the search of your visitors.