Phplive* is a powerful chat application that allows you to have real-time chat communication with the customers and visitors of your site. PHPlive is PHP/MySQL based and is a highly customizable application that provides a rich set of features. FastWebHost uses Phplive chat application for communication with our customers. FastWebHost hosting offers hosting services for phpLive users. We provide installation* of phpLive on your website.

PHPLive Features

Phplive have a lot of features, offering to its users, some of them are:

  • Real-time chat and support;
  • Multiple chat requests at a time;
  • Creating different departments;
  • Tracking and collecting information for visitors;
  • Saving the chat transcripts;
  • Rating the customer service;
  • Supporting your own chat logos;
  • Tracking of the referred urls;
  • Multiple language support;
  • Knowledge Base (FAQ) Integration;

PHPLive Tutorial includes:divider

  • PHPLive Installation : Here you will find detailed step by step instructions how to install PHPLive for your website.
  • PHPLive – Departments : The basics of creating a new department for your needs in PHPLive.
  • PHPLive – Operators : In this section of the tutorial it is explained how to create new operators or edit existing ones in PHPLive.
  • PHPLive Themes : Here you will find instructions how to change the theme for your PHPLive installation.

* Please note that PHP Live! is not freely distributed. FastWebHost hosting offers installation of phpLive software only if you have a licence for using PHP Live!.