In this tutorial we will show you how to completely backup your Drupal website.

Weekly Backup Included in Our Drupal Hosting Offer!

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We recommend that you do local backups of your Drupal website as often as possible. However, as part of our Drupal hosting service we create weekly backups of your entire account just in case.


In order to backup your Drupal application you have to:

STEP 1 Backup all your web site files.

Backup all the files and folders inside your Drupal directory. You can do that by downloading them via your favourite FTP client. You can find our comprehensive FTP tutorial here.

STEP 2 Backup/Export your database

Then, you have to export your Drupal database. You can do that by using PHPMyAdmin. Please, check our tutorial on how to backup/restore MySQL database in order to create a backup of your Drupal database.

Please, make sure that you choose the correct database, which your Drupal application uses.

If you are unsure about the Drupal database name, you will be able to find it in the drupal_folder/sites/default/settings.php file. You can view this file through cPanel -> File manager.