FastWebHost is proud to be a sponsor for WordCamp Los Angeles 2016

  FastWebHost is happy to announce that we will be sponsoring WordCamp Los Angeles 2016 this September. WordCamp Los Angeles is a casual, locally organized conference covering everything related to WordPress. WordCamps happen all around the world, and each Camp has a unique flavor based on the local community. This summer, FastWebHost is getting actively involved with the WordPress community and sponsoring this mega local event on September 10th & 11th, 2016. […]

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Introducing a New and Faster!

For many years, has been an industry leader. As an industry leader, we know when it’s time to change. Recently, our website was completely overhauled and we even added better products to our company. Our New Website Redesigning the website was an undertaking necessary to ensure our visitors are happy with what we provide. The new, easier to navigate design makes finding the right hosting package easy. Now, you can find our top selling packages right on our home page with all the necessary details. Navigation has also become a breeze with our new top menu. Easily use the dropdowns to find the right hosting for your specific needs. You can even see the locations of our data cents on a world map, right on our homepage. Our goal has always been to provide the very best customer experience. The redesign of our website now makes it easier to find what you need and puts more information right at your fingertips. […]

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Which WordPress Plugins Are Best for Shortening URLs?

When you need to shorten your URLs, you need a service that you can rely on to make it simple and convenient. Many people have been using services like TinyURL for years to shorten their URL but today, you’ll find several more options out there for website owners. There are constantly new websites being started on a daily basis featuring complicated URLs, but those that want to have a better chance at online success know that shortening the URL is key. This really became prevalent when Twitter first started and adapted a URL-shortener to make sure visitors would share it with friends and colleagues. […]

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Which Multisite Backup Solutions are Best for WordPress Users?

When you’re a WordPress user, you understand the importance of having reliable backup services for your site. Have you ever considered what it would be like to have your multisite install hit with a disaster and not having a recovery plan? Whether it’s a hacking situation or a natural disaster takes place, having a minimal recovery time for your network is essential. The only thing you can do to protect yourself is to make regular backups in the case of a broken or hacked site that needs quickly replaced with a previous copy. While it can be a time-consuming process to create backups and sometimes you find that your backups aren’t always network-ready, you can now use one of these four top-rated multisite backup solutions offered by WordPress that are getting great reviews. […]

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Is your Small Business Missing Out on Profits?

You may be surprised to hear that small businesses missed out on huge dollar amounts last year. In fact, half of small businesses missed out on a potential $250 billion last year simply for not having a website. How could a lack of a website account for this massive of a number? There are over 28 million small businesses and those with a website brought in over $250 billion in the first three quarters of 2015 due to having a website. This is shown through the fact that ecommerce sales in the US last year came out to this dollar amount which means businesses without a website couldn’t sell e-commerce products. If you don’t want to miss out on profits like these again this year, make sure you get your piece of the pie by finally setting up that company website. With all of the time you spend online, you may as well use some of that representing your company on a website and social media. Take a look at how this could affect profits for 2016. […]

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Top 5 WordPress Plugins for Podcasts

When it comes to producing podcasts, you need an easy way to put them together and post them onto your website. WordPress makes it really easy to manage and publish them through their various plugins. There are five that really stand out from the bunch and make it easy to do this. Bloggers want to share podcasts more easily because it makes their written content available in another format. It’s beneficial to a blogger to offer their content in other consumable ways besides writing, and podcasts are the perfect way to reach a broader audience with a WordPress website. When you need an easy way to post regular podcasts and connect with your audience on a deeper level, take a look at these five top choices for podcast plugins on WordPress that can help you monetize your content and become a more successful blogger. […]

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Five Easy Tips for Beginners to Affiliate Marketing

Making money online becomes much easier when you decide to use affiliate marketing. As a beginner, one of the best ways to create an online income is through a good web hosting affiliate program. This type of program will allow you to make money by selling one of the most in-demand services online. You do need to be careful about the bad advice or even unethical advice out there about affiliate marketing. Beginners should always be aware there are a good side and a bad side to anything when it comes to creating an income online. Here are five easy tips you can use as a beginner to start making money with a web hosting affiliate program. […]

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Which 404 Redirect WordPress Plugins are Best?

When you decide to use WordPress for your website, you need a good 404 redirect plugin. This goes along with getting great WordPress hosting and finding all the other plugins you need to make your site function properly. Finding the right WordPress hosting for your new website may not be easy. However, finding the right 404 redirect plugin for WordPress is easy. Here are the top five plugins we recommend for your 404 redirects. SEO Redirection Plugin With the SEO Redirection Plugin, you will be able to easily track your 404 errors and manage the redirects. This plugins makes it easy to manage everything with a simple, user-friendly interface. […]

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Should you Choose Shared Hosting for Your Website?

There’s a huge debate constantly going on between shared hosting, VPS hosting, cloud hosting and dedicated server hosting. Each type of hosting has its’ place within the industry and some types of hosting work better for specific situations. Many new website owners will ask the questions, is shared hosting enough for my website? About 90% of them will answer this question with a simple, Yes! Here are some of the top reasons you should chose shared hosting over VPS, cloud or dedicated hosting. What is Shared Hosting? Before you start discovering why shared hosting is right for you, it’s important to understand what it is exactly. Shared hosting is a type of hosting allowing the resources of the server to be shared by multiple hosting accounts. This provides significant cost benefits compared to any other type of hosting. […]

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Can you Display WordPress Recent Posts in a Drop Down Menu?

When you decide to use WordPress for your CMS and you back it up with excellent WordPress Hosting, you gain plenty of power. You can do so much with WordPress including displaying your recent posts in a drop down menu. Why Should you Use a Dropdown for Recent Posts? Not everybody will require a drop down menu for recent posts in WordPress. However, if you want to use this option, it’s very easy to do and can help you organize your recent posts very easily. Often, WordPress websites will use the built-in recent posts widget to add them to a sidebar or another widget ready area. This will display a list of your most recent posts. However, if you want to display more than just five or ten posts, you will take up a large amount of space in your sidebar. When you need a more compact way to display your recent posts, you can use a dropdown or collapsible menu. This helps to save space and it can easily be added to your site without any manual coding. […]

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