How to Succeed with Blogging: Part 1

This is the first part of a series of guides on how to succeed with blogging. This guide was written by the team at who have helped thousands of blogs setup and achieve success over the last 10 years. Why Start a Blog If you’re reading this then it’s safe to assume that you have an end goal - a reason why you want to start your blog. Identity: Domain and hosting Some of you love to write and love it just as much if people could read your writing. Some of you have heard tales of people raking in millions with their blogs and want to try your hand at the game. Some of you need to establish yourself as a thought leader, to help your other brands grow. We wrote this guide with the goal of helping all of you.[...]
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How Do I Keep My Site From Going Down?

When your computer hangs the easiest thing to do is just restart it. But what do you do when your website doesn’t load.[...]

Types of Hosting Services

Be it your booming online business or your client’s, web hosting needs can be complex depending on the content you have along with the growth of visitors/website traffic. It is a reminder to you that you need to beef up your web server.  The list here consolidates major hosting plans that you can consider for stepping up the game.[...]

Why invest in SEO?

SEO is often considered to be complicated and confusing with a dozen of to-do’s and information out there. In reality, it is a bit of rocket science.  An essential aspect of enabling startups as well as giants to grow steadily and with high value, SEO is not instant magic. There are a few things to consider before investing in SEO to get results that are impactful and of high return to your investment.[...]
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Top 5 WordPress Plugins for 2017

WordPress is an all-time star. Whether you want it for a simple or complex website, the functionalities of WordPress make  any site look great. New tools for adding and extending this functionality are coming up every year. It varies from site to site as to which plugins you should have on yours - however, there are some plugins that every WordPress site needs. Plugins will make your life easier, they are handy and replaces lots of work on your side. With about 47, 000 plugins and counting, WordPress lovers have a lot to choose from! In this post, we bring forward 5 must-have WordPress plugins for your website in 2017.[...]
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8 tips for running a successful ecommerce business

Back in 2012 ecommerce meant you were trying to sell something on ebay, amazon, or some other 3rd party website. 5 years later that’s still true, but you’ll get a lot more profit from selling on your own website.[...]
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Choosing the Right Web Host Provider

The world you have known is there no more. Thankfully, the new world has more exciting opportunities stored in it, if you know the right doors to knock. This also means that those on the other side of these chosen doors have the right abilities and energies that you are looking for.[...]
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How to add a Sticky Floating Bar in WordPress

Adding a floating bar to your WordPress website allows you to show to visitors current promotions you have going on or show information you want them to see. Floating bars or “sticky” bars are notification bars that are placed on the bottom of the visitor’s browser and stays there as they are scrolling. Sticky bars are now very common to use amongst bloggers and WordPress users.[...]
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15 Free WordPress Themes of 2017

WordPress is the #1 open source Content Management System (CMS) used in 80+ million websites. It's not that easy to find high-quality free WordPress themes for beginners. We have decided to find and list 15 of the finest free WordPress themes for 2017. Website designers and developers love free WordPress themes because it is easy to set up and can be used to create a website like a blog, personal, corporate and portfolio site.[...]
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