Link building is currently the factor with highest importance for getting good rankings. The more links you have to your website from other authoritative sites, the more important becomes your website according to search engines.

The quality links are the ultimate criterion for the quality of your own website. exchange is the most successful way for increasing your visitor traffic without paying any money for advertising. Link exchange is also considered essential for the searchability of your website – search engines like sites with a great number of incoming links as these sites are perceived as more important than poorly linked sites.In the ideal world, it would be great if you could only have incoming links to your site and no outgoing, however, in reality you can rarely have your link listed on a relevant site unless you link in return. That is why link exchange is so important. There are a few guidelines you should consider when swapping links.

Get as many incoming links as possibledivider

The greater the number of incoming links to your site, the more popular it becomes for search engines. When in an early stage of growing your website, any link is a good link EXCEPT for the paid links. There are many sites that will offer to buy certain number of links for you, most often using paid directories submission. These links are a loss of money – Google does not like them and might even penalize you for them. Paying for text and banner ads is a totally different thing and is not considered a problem.

Get links with pages with higher Google rankdivider

The higher the Google rank of the pages linking to yours, the bigger the boost to your site rankings is. The more relevant the content of the partner sites to your own, the higher your URL shows in search results and the more people visit your page.

Interlink site’s pagesdivider

A specific page’s importance is also measured by the importance and depth of the other pages on the site that refer to the page in question. It is a good practice to interlink your web pages by making text references or having the most important pages linked in your site footer.

Link exchangedivider

You should be careful with link exchange because it presumes you have to give in order to get. It is not a problem to give exposure to another website from your own, just make sure you don’t crowd your own pages with external links as you will be losing link juice. Also, make sure you don’t link exchange with direct competitors as you might end up losing sales.