Download vBulletindivider

The vBulletin forum software can be downloaded from its official website at Please, bear in mind that vBulletin is paid software and there are no trial versions released.

There are three types of vBulletin products:

  • Publishing Suite – includes CMS for the community members, forums and blogs;
  • Forum Classic – the standard forum solution;
  • Mobile Suite – Allows you to create and submit a custom branded application to the Apple and Android Apps stores;

In our tutorial we will provide a detailed description of the classic vBulletin forum and its functions.

For you vBulletin forum website you will need a fast and secure hosting solution. With AbraCa vBulletin hosting account you will get free assistance with the installation of the vBulletin software.

Alternatively, you can follow the instructions provided below in order to install a vBulletin forum on your own:

  • vBulletin installation: Preparation – file uploading, database setup, etc;
  • vBulletin installation process: config.php file reconfiguration, step-by-step installation;