In this section of the tutorial we will briefly describe several WordPress Classifieds Plugins.

Popular WordPress Classifieds Pluginsdivider

  • WP Classified – The general use of this plugin is adding classifieds page to your blog. Thus enabling site visitors to create their own classified ads and also giving the option to navigate through the list of classified ad categories. The functionality is basic and very easy to use. Note that this plugin will greatly help you adding classifieds section as a feature for your website. It is not designed to make classified ads the primary resource of your WordPress based website. You can check WP Classified website for more information.
  • Another WordPress Classifieds Plugin (AWPCP) – This plugin is very similar to WP Classified described above. However, this plugin includes much more options, it is highly configurable and customizable according to the needs of your website. The full list of features can be found on the plugin page at the official WordPress website plugins section.
  • Your Classified Ads – The Your Classified Ads plugin is still in Alpha at the time of the release of this tutorial article. Still, it is one of the best classified ads plugins for WordPress. The plugin is designed for the new WordPress version 3 and uses the new Custom Post Types feature available in WordPress 3. Also it includes widgets such as ads search form, terms cloud (eg. ads tag cloud), single ad details (post author, other ads by this author etc). You can check Your Classified Ads website for more information.

WordPress Classifieds Installation and Usagedivider

All WordPress plugins are installed similarly. The classifieds plugins mentioned above do not differ. Detailed instructions how to have a plugin installed for WordPress you can find here. For more information how to have the specific plugins installed and how to use them check the corresponding plugin tutorial page:

  • WP Classified
  • Another WordPress Classifieds Plugin (AWPCP)
  • Your Classified Ads