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Cloud Hosting cPanelcPanel refers to an online control panel that is usually supplied by a web hosting service. It is a graphical interface that simplifies the management tasks for a website and provides the user with great control. Typical uses of a cPanel web hosting include management of FTP accounts, files, and pages on the website, email accounts, add-on domains and sub-domains. Additionally, cPanels also allow the users to use MySQL databases. Since the days when PHP web hosting gained popularity, cPanels have also earned a reputation since they even allow installation of different scripts on the hosting space.

Managed Cloud cPanel

A cPanel provided by a managed cloud hosting service provides the user with direct and root access to their virtual dedicated server. It is built to entertain all the needs and wants of the user. Cloud hosting cPanels are fairly simple to use and are integrated a number of different tools which provide them with considerable leverage over the traditional and typical cPanels. The following are the benefits of using a cloud hosting cPanel:

Increased Server Control
A managed cloud cPanel allows users to physically control the server whether its software applications or hardware applications. It provides the ability to completely shut down the server from a remote location and reboot the operating system. Furthermore, users get the opportunity to install an operating system of their choice using the cPanel, use a dedicated IP address, etc.

Monitor Performance
When cloud hosting is being used to manage a website, the cPanel allows users to monitor web statistics, etc. Moreover, they allow users to monitor the usage of the dedicated server’s resources such as processing power, RAM, and hard disk. If the usage of these resources increases beyond a certain limit, the users can instantaneously increase the capacity of the system with just a few clicks. In other words, it is a real-time monitor of what is going on at the back-end and the online traffic.

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Easy Installation
A number of cloud hosting services such as FastWebHost offer their users a cPanel which is integrated with a number of management tools and preconfigured software which are ready to install. This software could be installed with simply a few clicks to save users time and resources. Such software may include WordPress, Joomla, Magento, etc.

In comparison to the typical cPanels provided by web hosting services, managed cloud cPanels are much faster. This is because they use a dedicated space and a dedicated IP. And since the cPanels are directly linked to the virtual machines, they can instantaneously process any changes that the users make.



FastWebHost is one of the premium managed cloud services providers around. The company helps you and your organization in determining your cloud requirements. Whether you need a single core or 8 cores on the processor, FastWebHost offers it all. The processing power, RAM and hard disk capacity provided by the virtual dedicated servers of FastWebHost is virtually unlimited. On top of that, the company provides the most user-friendly, interactive and intuitive cPanel for cloud hosting.

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