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wordpress cloud hostingYou must have noticed that WordPress has gained significant popularity and recognition in the recent years. In fact, it is the most widely used online content management system. There are companies that are powered through WordPress that need the ability to handle large volumes of internet traffic. This is where cloud hosting comes in. Cloud hosting services allow users to integrate a content delivery network with the website to host all images and dynamic content separately to let the page load much faster.
We all know how frustrating slow websites can be, therefore for a WordPress managed website to be successful, it has to work fast. Cloud hosting provides a number of benefits for WordPress websites and scalability (capacity to immediately modify processing power, RAM, hard disk capacity and bandwidth) is just one of them. The rest of them include:

With content delivery networks, the images are placed on a different location and by employing state-of-the-art cache methods, the website is loaded much faster. The loading time of a website gets greatly affected by the rate of conversions of new visitors but the reduced loading time due to WordPress cloud hosting allows a higher rate of conversions to avoid the users from getting frustrated due to low speed.


Automatic Updates
A managed cloud service automatically updates the WordPress platform whenever a newer version of the application is available. The users do not have to update the themes and plugins as it is done all by itself. It is important to add that while doing so, the WordPress website does not face any downtime.


It is easy for a web platform with high internet traffic to get infected with malware. This malware in return affects the machines of the visitors which can be a major turn off for the users. Cloud hosting services use firewalls and security applications to prevent the website from coming under any kind of a cyber-attack.


Managed Cloud Hosting for WordPress
While users can get unmanaged cloud hosting, it leaves them on their own. Managed Cloud Hosting services such as the ones provided by FastWebHost ensure users that they would receive superior technical support round the clock. Users do not have to continuously monitor their website as a team of experts is always on the lookout for problems. Since the support team in managed cloud hosting has a detailed knowledge of WordPress and its functions, they can install any necessary application or software that a user may need.


A cloud hosting WordPress service takes regular backups of a website. These can be on a daily or a weekly basis and prevent any unfortunate event from occurring as the images of the backups can be restored immediately to avoid any downtime. This also provides added security as in case of a hack attack or malware infection, the website could be restored to a previous image that was error-free.

Even though WordPress is used by a number of people and it may not be practical for all of them to opt for cloud hosting for their website, the ones that use it for business purposes would definitely find it to be extremely resourceful. To find out more regarding WordPress cloud hosting, check out our plans.

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