Google has very effective paid advertising programs that you may consider for your website promotion – Google Adwords and Google Adsense.

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The Google Adwords program is a form of paid advertising. You pay to have your ads displayed in sponsored Google search results and/or on randomly chosen relevant websites. The Adwords system is quite simple. You select a bunch of keywords that you think are relevant and important for your traffic and decide how much you wish to pay (bid) for each visitor that comes from the ad. The trick is that the more money you wish to pay on a certain keyword, the higher in the search results your ad will come up.

The Google AdWords program requires a minimum activation deposit of only $5. Then, you pay only for the clicks you get. You can control your spendings by determining a daily budget for your ads. The most common payment method in Google is the post-pay, which is, you are charged after you have accrued clicks on your

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Adsense Program allows you to display Google ads on your website and get revenues from advertisers. The ads are relevant to the content of your website and are filtered by Google. The application for Google AdSense is free and you only need to paste a simple HTML code in your web page’s source to have the ads displayed. This program does not help you promote your website, but it helps you earn extra revenue.