Having a forum on your website is a powerful way to get and give help on various issues! The forum allows you to exchange information, feedback, and opinions with all the new and interesting people who visit your website. Through your forum, you start discussion on any topic that is important for you and you may receive opinions from people all over the world. Or, you may also request help from your forum members on any topic for example how to submit your site to Google, how to fix your car engine, or anything else you need to know.

How to create a forum?


There are many free forum scripts that help you create a forum (also called discussion board) in a few clicks. You simply need to download and install some files to make your forum appear online. If that sounds too difficult, with FastWebHost forum hosting services you receive a free installation and set up of your new forum.

To help you build your online forum easily, we recommend you the most popular free forum scripts:

  • PhpBB
  • SMF

FastWebHost also provides you an easy and useful tutorial to help you administer your online forum:

  • PhpBB Tutorial
  • SMF Tutorial