Having a blog on your website is a powerful way to express yourself and popularize your ideas! Many famous people like Madonna and Larry King have blogs. Companies also have blogs. Look at Google! Thanks to their blogs, Madonna, Larry King, and Google are able to reveal to a more human aspect of who they are, justify their ideas, and make themselves even more popular.

Your online blog will certainly help you attract many like-minds and find new friends. You can let people post comments on your blog and thus get valuable feedback on your ideas from various interesting people.

How to create a personal blog on your website?


This is really easy! There are free scripts that allow you to have your own blog on your website. With FastWebHost blog hosting services you get a free blog installation and you can have your blog site up and running in just a few minutes’ time.

To help you find the best blog script for your website, we recommend you the most popular and user-friendly one:

  • WordPress

FastWebHost also provides a free tutorial to help you manage your online blog without any hassle:

  • WordPress Tutorial