There are 3 actions you can take with an existing vocabulary.

  • Edit Vocabulary –  This refers to changing the settings you have chosen upon creating the vocabulary.

  • List Terms – It will display a list of all terms currently added to this vocabulary.

  • Add Terms –  This will allow you to add a new term to an already created vocabulary.

By default the terms list for a newly created vocabulary will be empty. You will need to create terms for the vocabulary via the Add terms functionality:


We have added several terms in our vocabulary and here is how the list looks now:


You can now edit each of the terms you have added by clicking the corresponding button. Drupal allows you to adjust the terms order. You can do so by holding down the left mouse button on the cross icon at the left and dragging the term to the desired position in the list.Note that when creating or editing a term you have relations you can set for it.


Those settings will provide you with four different options.

1. You will be able to define an already existing term as parent term for the new one. Note that if you hold down Ctrl you will be able to set more than one term as parent for the new one. Note that setting multiple parents for a single item will disable the drag and drop list functionality. It will be re-enabled if you reduce the parents for each term to one.

2. You can set the weight for each term. The same as with vocabularies this resembles the order in which the terms will be listed in the vocabulary.

Once you have made the desired changes click the save button.