Here is a comprehensive list of the most important MyBB features:

General Featuresdivider

  • Unlimited number of posts, threads and members.
  • Fulltext search capabilities (requires MySQL 4.1+ which is provided by default on all FastWebHost servers).
  • Possibility for multiple forum instances in one database.
  • Fully customizable using the MyBB templates and theme system.
  • You can create different languages on your forum. Languages are fully customizable and can be adjusted according to your needs.

Member Featuresdivider

  • Intuitive and functional user control panel.
  • Custom profiles and and possibility to alter settings per user.
  • Custom profile fields can be added.
  • Private messaging system. Tracking and multiple folders functionality included by default.
  • Reputation system allowing members to rate each other.
  • Signatures, avatars, buddy and ignore lists, forum subscriptions and all basic forum functionality that is generally available.

Posting Featuresdivider

  • Attach multiple files to a single post.
  • Automatic thumbnail generation for attached images.
  • Clickable smilies and BB Code.
  • Quick moderation options. New moderator tools with various options can be created.
  • Email notification of new posts.
  • Create polls with multiple options and attach them to threads.
  • Multi-quote – quote multiple posts easily in one reply.

Thread Display Featuresdivider

  • Threaded or linear viewing modes.
  • View a printable version of any thread.
  • Subscribe to threads or add them to a favorite threads list.
  • Send threads to your friends via email.
  • Quick reply area – quickly respond to a thread or quote a reply.
  • Report posts to moderators.

Moderation Featuresdivider

  • Add moderators to particular forums, set their permissions or allow them to moderate all forums.
  • Extensive logging of all moderation activities performed.
  • Open, close, stick and unstick threads.
  • Move or copy threads between forums, merge threads together, split posts from a thread.
  • In-line moderation – mass action multiple threads or posts in one go.
  • Create your own moderation tools to perform multiple actions at once.
  • Moderator control panel allowing moderators to perform some light administrative tasks, such as announcement management, moderation queue management for the forums they moderate, and basic user profile editing.

Administration Featuresdivider

  • Completely customize the look and feel of your forums by creating a color scheme and modifying templates.
  • Control every aspect of your forums with little technical knowledge. No programing expertise is required in order to fully manage your forum.
  • Assign permissions to forums and different user groups
  • Manage smilies, custom MyCode (create your own bb code tags for your forum), post icons, word filters etc.
  • Powerful user management features, including User Views, which are basically saved searches and allow you to track groups of users
  • Ban users by IP address, email address, username or create a timed ban on an account
  • Administrator permissions to limit the abilities of secondary administrators
  • Run maintenance tasks to keep your forum running in tip-top shape