The Forum Management area will provide you with an intuitive forum control panel where you can create new forums and categories. You can also edit, delete or copy existing ones, setup moderators, create sub-forums etc.

The various functionality available for the forum management is accessible by clicking the Options button for the forum or category.

  • Using the Forum Announcements you can add announcements to each of the forums you have active for your MyBB installation. The announcement is a custom message you can set for the forum. It will be displayed above the normal forums and threads and users cannot reply to it. You can use this functionality to provide new users or guests with specific instructions about your forums or provide your current members/registered users with important updates.
  • Moderation Queue will display threads, posts and attachments that are awaiting moderation. This could mean awaiting approval to show them on your forum or simply approval that the already posted items are suitable and relevant to the forum topics.


The attachments section is also included under the Options.

  • Find Attachments should be quite self explanatory. You are allowed to search by attachment name, the poster’s username, only under a specific category etc. You can even use wild card in the search to find only files with specific extension or matching a certain pattern.
  • The orphaned attachments search finds attachments that were uploaded over 24 hours ago but not attached to a post. The file might be present on the server and an entry in the database could exist. Using this functionality you can find such not used attachments and remove them from your installation.
  • The Attachment statistics tab provides various details about the attachments uploaded under your forum.