Templates and Styledivider

Themes section will allow you to add new themes to your MyBB installation. You can do so via the Import Theme tab. Also you can create a new theme and edit the ones you already have under your installation.

The Templates section

  • It will allow you to manage/edit the current templates for your web site. With a fresh installation templates will be available only under the Default Templates set.
  • You can also add new sets and add new templates to an existing set.
  • The Search/Replace tab will allow you to search and replace certain strings with new ones in the existing templates.
  • The Find updated Templates tab will search for templates that were changed since the last time you have updated them.

Tools and Maintenancedivider

System Health

System Health will provide you with statistics about the server environment, your MyBB files and folders permissions, the recently run tasks and information about the backups created via MyBB. You can also convert your database tables to UTF-8. This might be helpful in case you have migrated from another forum to MyBB.

Cache manager

Under cache manager you will be able to rebuild the cache for pages under your MyBB installation. The cache is used as a method of optimizing the script performance.

Task Manager

The Task Manager provides several options for automated tasks:

  • Scheduled Tasks will display all automated tasks scheduled at your forum. The little blue or respectively gray square next to the task name indicates whether the task is enabled or disabled. You can enable, disable, delete or edit the tasks via the options button. Note that clicking the clock button next to the task will immediately run it.
  • Add new Task will allow you to add new tasks for execution. Note that if you would like to run your custom PHP script asa  task in MyBB, you will have to upload it under the “inc/tasks” directory for your MyBB installation.
  • The Tasks Logs will show the result of recent executions for your tasks. Any results or errors are listed here. Entries older than 30 days are automatically deleted.
  • The Recount & Rebuild section will allow you to fix any synchronization errors in your forum. You will be able to run it for your statistics and counters as well as the attachment thumbnails.
  • The View PHP info section will display the result of the phpinfo() function.