All the accounts on the FastWebHost servers come with preinstalled PhpMyAdmin software. The application is accessible through cPanel->PhpMyAdmin.

However, you may need to install PhpMyAdmin manually. In this page of our PhpMyAdmin tutorial we will show the necessarily steps which should be taken in order to install PhpMyAdmin under your account.

Manual PhpMyAdmin Installationdivider

Download the latest stable version of the PhpMyAdmin software.

Extract the archive file on your computer. Then upload the extracted files and folders through an FTP Client.

Place them at the exact location where you would like to access the software. If you want to open it directly through you should place the content of the extracted directory straight under the public_html/PhpMyAdmin folder of your account. Substitute with your actual domain name.

Add a database user with full privileges to the databases which you want to manage through your cPanel->MySQL Databases. You can follow our detailed tutorial on Creating MySQL database and user.

Load the PhpMyAdmin page using the corresponding URL (for example, where you should substitute with your actual domain name).


Enter the database username and the corresponding password. In this way you will be able to manage all the databases for which the database user has privileges. Click on the Go button to log in.

Now you can proceed with the databases management.