LCMS (Learning Content Management System) is a software system used for creating, storing, managing and sharing learning content on different subjects. The administrators and tutors of a LCMS site upload the content, divided in separate courses. The students register in the system and enrol for the courses. The learning progress can be monitored and managed. Some LCMS come with  collaboration tools like integrated chat and forum. Such applications are usually used in online schools and university web sites. Also, different corporations implement them in their web sites in order to provide adequate training for their employees or the users of their products and services.

What is ATutordivider

ATutor is one of the most popular Open Source LCMS. It is suitable for creating online courses, school, high school, college and university web sites. It is written in PHP and requires a MySQL database. Its functionality and visualization can be extended with various modules and themes. Tutors can easily upload and manage the content which will be published for the students in a user-friendly environment.

Our tutorial covers the following topics:divider

  • aTutor Features : Here you will find a list of the most popular features in aTutor.
  • aTutor Installation : Here you will find detailed information about aTutor system requirements and how to easily accomplish an aTutor installation.
  • aTutor Administration : In this tutorial section we will describe the aTutor administrative features.
  • aTutor Courses Administration : In this section the administrators can create, manage and delete courses, forums and course categories.
  • aTutor Manage Content : In the following section we will show how to create a new course, associate a forum with it and manage the provided default student tools.
  • aTutor Users : In this section it is described how to create, edit and delete different ATutor user types.
  • aTutor Backup : In this part of the tutorial you will find relevant articles about application backup.
  • aTutor Upgrade : Here you will find an easy to follow video tutorial how to perform aTutor upgrade.
  • aTutor Tips : In this section you will find step by step instructions how to easily create your own ATutor theme.