Jaws allows you to create a blog website with just a few clicks. All you have to do is to install the Blog gadget, add it to your layout and start typing new posts.

First log in to the Jaws administrative area. Now, you have to install the “Blog” gadget. Simply find it in the list of uninstalled gadgets and click on the “Install” link next to it.

Once you do that a new button “Blog” will appear in your administrative area. Click on it in order to add the first post in your blog.

Select the “New entry” tab and enter the title and content of your blog article. In addition in this page you can select whether your visitors can leave comments on your posts or not. Once you are done with the creation of your article, press the “Save” button at the bottom-right part of this page.

Now you have to add your blog gadget to the Jaws layout. To do this go back to the administrative index page and click on the “Layout” button.

Next you should click on the “Add gadget” button in order to add your blog to the layout of your website.

From the list of installed gadgets select “Blog” and click on the “Add gadget” button.

Your blog gadget is now added to the bottom of the layout page. Now simply drag it to the position you want it to be displayed on your website.

Your blog on Jaws is now ready! Your visitors can now read your articles and post comments.