Mambo is a popular Content Management System (CMS).  FastWebHost has created this Mambo tutorial based on our long experience with Mambo. We have also designed many FREE Mambo templates.

Mambo has played an important role in today’s web development by giving birth to Joomla, one of the best CMS applications nowadays. More information about Joomla can be found in our Joomla tutorial.

The current Mambo tutorial includes articles about:divider

  • How to install Mambo CMS on your website
  • How to change Mambo templates
  • How to install Additional Languages
  • Tips about the Mambo Administration
  • How to manage Meta data, Mail, Stats
  • How to use Search Engine Friendly URLs with Mambo
  • How to use Mambo Media Manager
  • How to create Mambo Content
  • How to set Mambo Sections
  • How to set Mambo Categories
  • How to create Mambo Content Items
  • How to add and remove Banner Ads
  • How to set Mambo Polls
  • How to install Community Builder
  • How to Optimize Mambo
  • How to add Google Adsense for Mambo
  • Installation of Mambot for Google Adsense
  • How to insert Adsense in Content
  • How to put Adsense in Side Column
  • How to backup Mambo
  • How to upgrade Mambo
  • How to bridge Coppermine and Mambo