Basic requirements and recommended settings

In order to run properly, Nuke Evolution requires the following:

  • OS: Linux or Windows
  • Disk space: at least 50 MB, recommended 100 MB
  • PHP: 4.1.x  – 5.x.x
  • MySQL: 4.1.x  – 5.x.x
  • Web server: Apache

All of the above requirements are met on all FastWebHost servers.

Installation instructions

In order to begin the installation you should download the latest Nuke Evolution package from the official web site. Extract the archive on your computer. Then you should upload all the files from the html folder using an FTP Client. Place the Nuke Evolution installation files at the exact location where you would like your site to be accessible. If you want to open it directly through your domain name you should put the content of the extracted html directory in the public_html folder for your account.

You need to create a new database and assign a database username to it with full privileges. You can follow our detailed tutorial on Creating MySQL database and user.

In order to initiate the script installation open the install.php file stored in your Nuke Evolution folder through a web browser. For example, if you have uploaded the Nuke Evolution’s files in a folder named nuke, use a link like the following one:

If you plan to set the script as the main web site for your account and you have uploaded the files directly under the public_html directory, you should access:

Replace with your actual domain name.