Phplive configurationdivider

The first thing you have to do when you access the phpLive configuration is to create Department/s and at least one chat operator account for your phplive. You will also need to generate the html code of the phpLive chat button that you have to place on your site, so the visitors will be able to access your chat operators.

As you can see in your setup page of phplive there are separate group with three buttons that actually are leading you the options that you have to access to complete the steps that I have explained above. The first one of them is:

Creating departments in phpLivedivider

The creation of a department can be done from the button called Manage (Create) Departments. When you access that menu you will be prompted with a page that gives you the ability to create your first department


Fill the information for your department and then click on the submit button to save that info in the phplive database. Then you will go back to the previous page from where you will be able to access the second required option for starting your phplive system:

Creating operators in phpLive