To add a module to your Zikula web site, please, follow the steps below:

STEP 1 Search the Zikula Modules database for modules you want to add to your Zikula website.

STEP 2 Upload the module(s) with your FTP client into the modules folder on your site.

STEP 3 Go to your site and enter the Administration panel.

STEP 4 Click on the Modules icon.

STEP 5 On the Modules page, click on the Regenerate List link. This will update the list with all the modules that have uploaded under the modules folder in your Zikula installation.

Locate the module you have uploaded and would like to install from the list with the Zikula modules and click Activate. The module is now active.

How to add a Block in Zikula?divider

You can add blocks in Zikula in the same manner:

STEP 1 Login as Administrator.

STEP 2 Click on Administration.

STEP 3 Click on the Layout->Blocks icon.

STEP 4 Click on Create Block.

STEP 5 Fill in the required information.

Please note that a modules installation can be a hard and time consuming task for a non-experienced Zikula administrators. We offer Zikula module installation as part of our Exclusive Professional Services.