5 Best Linux Blogs For Beginners To Follow

Linux is an open source operating system. If you are a student or a working professional, learning Linux can open doors to the new opportunities. Linux is also popular as a hosting solution as it gives complete control!

In this article, we will list the best Linux blogs for beginners. These blogs will help you understand everything about Linux that a beginner should know!

So, why Linux?

Linux is open source, fast, and powerful operating system. Linux also offers great development platform. There are many distros you can choose to learn from. For example, Ubuntu, RHEL, Debian, Archi Linux, etc. However, we will recommend picking up Ubuntu for learning purposes and then slowly moving to other distros as you become comfortable.

Let’s get started with the best Linux blogs for beginners.

5 Best Linux Blogs For Beginners To Follow


GeekStuff is one of the best Linux blogs out there. It is the work of Ramesh Natarajan who is an expert in Linux. You can get started with Linux beginners guide and later move on to learn more advanced techniques. Not only that, you can learn about other topics such as hardware, security, web and database! You might also want to try out the free ebooks about Linux and hacks related to it. Overall, GeekStuff is a great place to learn Linux as it offers simple How-to, guides, tips and tricks for Linux.


nixCrafti is an excellent platform for not only for Linux beginners but also for Linux enthusiasts. It is also one of the oldest Linux blogs out there. It covers almost every aspect of Linux including hacks, tips, ideas and tutorials. So, what makes the blog unique? The first thing that you notice about the blog is good user experience. The blog also covers tons of other topics including cloud computing, security, desktop Linux and much more. The blog also covers the latest news related to Linux.

OMG! Ubuntu!

As we already mentioned, it is always a good idea to start with Ubuntu. OMG! Ubuntu! is one website that is completely dedicated to Ubuntu. It is a news website and also reports on other Linux topics as well. The site might not give you new things to learn, but it will keep you up to date on what is happening in the Ubuntu/Linux world.

Linux Scoop

Not everyone loves to read. LinuxScoop is for those people who want to get information using videos. LinuxScoop also provides context to the videos with text as a form of an article so you will not miss anything if you decide to use the site. The site covers diverse Linux topics including how-to, guides, news and listicles!

Kernal Newbies

Linux is all about its kernel. If you really want to learn Linux, you must learn about the engine behind it. Thankfully, Kernal Newbies is one of those sites that lets you do so. It provides excellent resources for Linux fundamentals. The site also offers a great Linux community!


If you follow all the above mentioned sites, you are good to go. However, there are many other amazing Linux blogs that you can find online. If you find them, don’t forget to comment the links below! Let’s share knowledge and information.


If you are curious about how Linux hosting works, keep following the blog as we will discuss Linux tips, tricks and guide!

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