Why OpenSource Is The Next Big Thing

Open source is not new. It has been changing the world for the past decade or so. However, we can easily say that it is the next “big thing.” This holds true for new advancement in open source technology. One such example is Microsoft’s renewed involvement in open source.

In this article, we will discuss the importance of open source and how it is going to impact our future.

Why Open Source Is The Next Big Thing

Open source cloud acceptance

The open source cloud platforms have always been at the top of its game. This can lead the change in 2018 and beyond. One prime example of open source cloud platform is “OpenStack.” It is used by businesses for implementing their cloud solution. With more and more enterprises moving towards open source solution, it is the only time, when we will see them adapt to OpenStack. However, implementing or using OpenStack requires skilled talent and staff.

In short, OpenStack can open the doors for mass adoption for open source cloud computing adoption. Big companies are already in favor of OpenStack, and it is only time when we will see it flourish.

Improved software solutions – no bugs

Bugs are the number one reason why software fail or misbehave. When software is developed in a closed environment, the code gets less attention due to a limited number of team members and testers. In case of open source, this doesn’t happen. The code is readily available for anyone to look and improve upon. And that can help open source solution to iron out the bugs and make it better than proprietary solutions.

Huge community involvement

Community involvement is important for the growth of the industry as a whole. With more open source solutions coming to market, it is common to see developers taking interest in the work they offer. Community involvement also mean innovation at a rapid pace where the best minds work towards a better future. The same community can also improve the rapid pace at which software evolve and implemented.

Open source can lead to blockchain revolution

The blockchain is already popular among the community of developers. The way cryptocurrency is being adopted by the normal people, it is easy to gauge that the blockchain revolution has just started. It can also be used to solve diverse problems including authentication, security, and privacy. Not only that it has its implementation in many different sectors such as finance, transport, education and many more!


Open source is already changing the world. It is only time we will see it being adopted by businesses and solution provides. Once it gets to that level, there is no turning back. Another great example is how web platforms are evolving. WordPress, for example, is powering most of the online platforms. Most of our hosting plans are also using WordPress to enable businesses to reach their target audience. Linux is also leading the open source revolution and it is also used heavily in our hosting plans.

So, what do you thinking about open source and its impact on our future? Comment below and let us know!

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