Photo blog websites are type of blogs that focus on sharing photos rather than written articles with your visitors. Photo blogs are great for people who want to express themselves with their photographs rather than words.These applications are different from the normal Photo Gallery scripts because they present the images in a blog format and concentrate on the single photo. In addition, Photo Blogs allow you to interact with your visitors by allowing them to subscribe to your blog feeds, leave comments and many more.

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Pixelpost is easy to install and upgrade. With the new improved PixelPost Install Assistant you will be able to install or upgrade your existing site in minutes.It is easy to use. You will find the application interface very intuitive. The features and menus are organized in the best possible way and you will not lose time searching for a certain link.Pixelpost is open for your visitors to share comments for your photos. Unlike regular photo galleries, with Pixelpost you will be able to interact with your visitors, thus creating your own online community on your website. In addition you can fully customize both RSS and Atom feeds and provide them to your visitors.Pixelpost is perfect for photographers that want to share their artwork with the visitors on their website. You can create beautiful portfolio sites to show your work in the best possible way.In conclusion, if you want to start a photo blog, PixelPost is the recommended application for you.

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